High Professionalism

Italian Delight has twenty years of experience in the artisanal production of hair accessories and clothing accessories in fine fabrics: stretch, satin, velvet, so our Headbands, Collars, Bows, Scrunchies and Shawls are highly appreciated in Italy and abroad.
The high tailoring professionalism allows us to be flexible and to meet every customer need, even the most disparate. All customizations for Ceremonies are quick for us and will be made with sartorial professionalism.

Behind the scenes

Make your passion…

We have made our passion our job for this we face your requests with high sartorial professionalism, our craftsmanship and flexibility allows us to meet your every need and imagination.



Happy to have chosen us

Since 2012

Our history

Born and raised in Prato, home of textile production and Italian yarns, the passion for fabrics was born in the family, from my mother professional seamstress who has carried out her work since the early 60s in Switzerland, Germany and Italy. I spent my time watching her work and I enjoyed playing with the scraps of the fabrics that she unwrapped, so at the age of 13 she sent me to learn how to make hair bands in one of the leading companies in the accessories sector. Later I had the opportunity to do an internship that allowed me to refine and customize my style.

With the passion of 23 years I started my own business, I opened “my company” with various representatives in Italy and in Europe (France, Portugal, England and Germany).
The arrival of 2 wonderful children led me to a downsizing of the business, continuing to work for major companies in the hair accessories and luxury clothing sector for children.

Today I decided to propose myself directly to you with Italian Delight, creating and personalizing items with the same passion I had when I started, tailoring accessories produced with high professionalism, always maintaining constant research in the high quality of the fabrics used, to offer you a higher service.